We’re all about fun!

We’re all about fun!

Why us?

Why Ice-cream? Because We love our community. We like the industry; we love the people we meet. We love to make and share your special moments at church, school, work or play. Hopefully we cross paths in the world someday and we can make it a better place, one ice cream cone at a time.

Our Essence

  • At our core we provide our SERVICE with COMMITMENT.



I love sports and am very competitive! I enjoy all types of sports, but my favorite, thing to do is spend time with family.

Juan C. Guzman


Our History

Wonka Corporation was started by Juan Carlos (Juanca pronounced Wonka) in 1992.  He started this company with one ice-cream truck working out of his garage.  As an eager entrepreneur he headed up a one-man operation with hopes and dreams of having at least 5 ice-cream trucks to manage and work the communities in Lafayette, Louisiana – 29 years later he has 13 trucks working the surrounding parishes near Lafayette.  His dream of growing into full-service Master Distributor is coming full circle.   We are excited about our growth and expansion but maintain our core principles and values living in integrity which reflects on our Excellence in Customer Service and Quality in Products.

Our Mission

At, Kemm & Wonka ice-cream is to build a DIVERSE FAMILY within our COMMUNITY and SHARE in their laughter and joy one ice cream at a time.